We deliver cargoes intact on the dot.....
We would like to be assistance to you in any of the activities and / or work areas povided in our "Scope of Services".

Seahawk Transport Inc., addresses to the policy of strict cmpliance and implementation of the highest standards of safety for all areas of activities.
     Seahawk Transport Inc., was established 2001. The company is engaged in Freight Forwrding / NVOCC, Import and Export, Brokerage Business. We continue to aspire for more growth and expansion to move into the future.

     Our organization is composed of experienced, well-trained, hardworking and dedicated staff who will be responsive to your company's needs or specific concern.
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SEAHAWK Transport Inc.
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Seahawk Transport Inc., is organized to reach and assist it's clients in and around its scope of services and to establish branches with the same mission in other strategic places.
Corporate Vision
Service Mission
Seahawk Transport Inc., is dedicated to provide the industry of:
Reliable and quality international forwarding service to our customers through our dependable and customer service oriented personnel.
Committed to prompt pick up and shipment delivery.
Open to new possibilities, ideas and will respond quickly, positively to the changing needs of the market.
Healthy profit position as our foundation for continued growth in the interest of our employees and shareholders.
Dedicated partner in the export and import community for the benifit of our country.
We deliver cargoes intact on the dot.....